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You want to hire and retain the best people for your organization. But it’s a tough healthcare job market right now. Thankfully, the 2024 HHRAM Healthcare Salary Survey gives you the answers you need to stand out in a quickly changing landscape.

Your Winning Strategy

This annual survey gathers comprehensive data about clinical and non-clinical healthcare salaries across the Upper Midwest. You can use the survey results to gain an edge on your competition, and it’s a great value. HHRAM utilizes a tiered pricing model to make this survey accessible for organizations of all sizes! Plus, participating HHRAM members are eligible for an $80 discount on the survey’s results.

Need more reasons to participate in the survey? Refer a company or a colleague who then participates and buys the survey for the first time, and your results are FREE! Also, if you are a participant in Iowa, you will receive the standard report results for FREE!  

Save the Date!

Survey Opens: December 11, 2023*

Participation Deadline: February 09, 2024

Report Distribution: April 12, 2024

*Data effective date is January 1, 2024


How Much Does the Survey Cost?

The HHRAM Survey is unmatched in quality but comes at a fraction of the cost of comparable surveys. Our tiered pricing, based on organization type and size, guarantees your company receives the best possible rate. Plus, participating HHRAM members qualify for a $80 discount, making it an even greater value for all organizations – large or small.

2024 Pricing
Includes salary survey and pay practices results in PDF and Excel formats.


The Healthcare Human Resources Association of Minnesota (HHRAM) is comprised of more than 250 members and includes representation of healthcare human resources professionals from across the state of Minnesota in all types of healthcare organizations including hospitals, clinics, long-term care and assisted living centers. HHRAM has a rich history of providing up-to-date information impacting human resources health care professionals.

Statement of Data Confidentiality

The objective of Lockton's survey reports and all methods and procedures used to produce the reports, is to provide maximum information value without disclosing any information that could be specifically associated with an individual survey participant.

All survey data submitted by participants for surveys conducted by Lockton is provided on the basis that the data confidentiality of each participant will be fully protected at all times.

Protection of confidentiality extends to compensation data reported and to any kind of observation or form of analysis that could serve to identify a company with its data to an experienced person.

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